About Me

I am a retired University lecturer in Computer Science who now spends most of my time backing horses via automated machine learning methods directly into Betfair

2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi, I am an Italian guy who is studying the world of betting in the most scientific way possible and I would like to ask you for help.

    Starting from elements of statistics, in J. Buchdal, etc. I studied a lot, really.

    Now I follow several strategies, some have been implemented in a private software (made by a developer, unfortunately I am not a coder).

    Tonight, almost by accident, I came across SmarterSig.

    Tonight I will start studying and understanding something more, but I wanted to ask you first of all: is it just a theoretical discourse or have you created a downloadable software to then exploit the theory?

    I’m reading the site, but I’m not sure what it is.



    • smartersig said:

      Hi Mattia

      Have you watched the demo videoof the software, there is a lin to it on the MySportsAI page of smartersig

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