I have previously written about Betfair SP versus grabbing the best in the ring on course price as the horses enter the stalls before, here is the link https://markatsmartersig.wordpress.com/2022/05/31/on-course-prices-v-betfair-sp/

One or two bookie defenders responded by saying ah but that was a weak meeting at Leicester, try it at a strong meeting and you will see that on course beats BFSP. Well two days ago I was up at York to witness the great Baheed slaughter some good horses and to gather prices as suggested from the back lines of the bookmakers. Here are the results of my price logging. All BFSP’s are with 2% comm deducted and all prices are to /1

In total Betfair SP beat or equaled the on course price 28 times whilst the on course books came out ahead 6 times. Take into consideration your travel, entrance and refreshment costs and I am sure we could shave that difference up a couple of notches. In addition to the above all on course books were going 4 places only on the first heritage handicap of the day whilst of course you could get 7 places with two bookies and 6 with pretty much all. I am told this is due to ring regulations which if true needs to be changed.

In conclusion I think it is pretty evident that the vast majoirty of punters would be better off at Betfair SP but you wont hear about that from the fool in the ring.