A fairly frequent question that I have come across lately is whether the Betfair morning market is losing or gaining liquidity. In fact some are wondering whether the pre race market is losing liquidity. To check this out I took a look at average race traded totals by race type. Handicaps would probably be a good indicator of how things are going in terms of liquidity. First up is Flat handicaps, we are only 7 months into 2018 so the average for this year need to be taken with a pinch of salt. Readings are taken at 11am to avoid any clashes with early winter start times.

 Flat Handicap Average AM Race Total Traded

It will be interesting to see if 2018 recovers, if it does not then the trend seems downwards.

Now lets take a look at Hcp Chasers and see if there is a different picture.

NH Handicap Chase Average AM Race Total Traded

Again there seems to be a corresponding dip in liquidity. The questions is why has this happened. Has there been a reduction in advertising ?. Does it tie in with Power taking over ?. Are there other possible explanations ?. I would love to hear your theories in the comments section to this blog.