ATR have recently started publishing stride length data in their results for certain courses. This is in addition to the pace data they are publishing and the potential for analysing the various factors could prove very illuminating and perhaps profitable. The demo result cited by ATR shown by clicking below and then clicking the stride data tab shows the various stride data for each runner.

My immediate thought was whether stride data and its ability to show long or shorter striding animals might be a clue to suitabilty to various courses and there is a hint in this one race that it might be the case.


The runner up Surry Hope has a peak stride length of 28.3 which is higher than the 1st placed or the 3rd placed horse suggesting that he may be a long striding animal. If this is the case he may be better suited by a flat or uphill track rather than Lingfield’s downhill undulating track. When I check his back form this seemed to hold out.


He has been beaten twice at Lingfield and also at undulating Newmarket when fancied in all races but has won at uphills Sandown and flat Kempton.

A sample of one for sure but certainly worthy of further investigation and data gathering.