Many things inspired me to turn to turn to lecturing in Computer Science but a couple of guys who taught me on my degree course played a part. They were both excellent lecturers holding that rare gift of being both smart and understanding how to get complex ideas across. They had very different styles, Ian Morrey had a a highly organised approach with a steady clear delivery that simply drew you in. Doug Bell was entertaining, slightly eccentric but not at the expense of being equally organised. They were both great lecturers in slightly different ways.

If you are looking to extend your understanding of data analysis, and in the modern world of betting I would strongly suggest you invest some time in this, then I can suggest two excellent Youtube tutorial providers who have similar qualities to the above.

The first I may have mentioned before and that is Kevin Markham and his DataSchool series. Below is a link to his introductory series on Machine Learning amongst other topics he covers

The second is the Jaylayer academy where you can get an introduction to basic topics such as handling Excel to more advanced stuff in R. Link below to his Excel introduction