The new flat season began 2 days ago and the hopes and expectations of many horse to follow lists will be high. I have never been one for compiling such a list and on the whole viewed them as a bit of fun although I am aware people buy the publications yearly without fail. Can any stat’s help us with compiling such a list and are there certain trainers we can focus on for our list selection or more generally for betting purposes ?.

I have spent a little time looking at which trainers have the best records of improving 3 yo’s from their first handicap mark through to their highest handicap mark for the 3 yo season. To do this I examined and compiled average official rating gains for 3yo horses in their care tagging their base OR on their first second or third race depending on which was responsible for the initial rating. Only trainers with at least 10 3yo runners were considered.

For the years 2016, 2015 and 2014 the undoubtable and not surprising star of the improving 3yo is Sir Mark Prescott. He has been top in 2016, 2015 and 8th in 2014. His average OR improvement was 7.09 pounds from 21 horses in 2016.

The next best trainer across the three years is Luca Cumani. He came in at 10th in 2016, 1st in 2015 and 5th at 2014. His average OR improvement in 2016 was 4.44 pounds from 18 horses.

R M Beckett would also appear to be an improving trainer worth keeping an eye on. His positions have been 6th, 7th and 19th.

Finishing 2nd last year and a new kid on the block is Hugo Palmer with an average improvement of 6.55 pounds from 20 runners.

If you are scratching your head trying to compile a horses to follow list then you could do worse than to select 3yos with only 3 or less runs on the clock from trainers Prescott, Cumani, Beckett and Palmer. Have good and profitable flat season.

Oh by the way here is a list to follow from the four mentioned trainers. It might need a bit of pruning. As I write this there have been 30 bets from this list with a registered OR yielding a pre comm’ profit of +3.51 pts on Betfair SP. Perhaps betting them until they win may improve things, at the moment that stands at +5.51 pts from 28 bets.

Abouttimeyoutoldme R M Beckett
Accento H Palmer
Al Mayda (USA) H Palmer
Alapinta R M Beckett
Aljezeera L M Cumani
Alouja (IRE) H Palmer
Alwaysandforever (IRE) L M Cumani
Anythingtoday (IRE) H Palmer
Aryeh (IRE) H Palmer
Aureana R M Beckett
Beach Break R M Beckett
Bedouin (IRE) L M Cumani
Belle Diva (IRE) R M Beckett
Bessemer Lady R M Beckett
Best Of Days H Palmer
Beyond Recall L M Cumani
Bird To Love R M Beckett
Boost Sir Mark Prescott
Brimham Rocks R M Beckett
Buena Luna Sir Mark Prescott
Buxted Dream (USA) L M Cumani
Camerone (IRE) R M Beckett
Cape Cruiser (USA) R M Beckett
Carigrad (IRE) H Palmer
Castleacre H Palmer
Choumicha H Palmer
Cirencester R M Beckett
City Limits L M Cumani
Cloud Dragon (IRE) H Palmer
Colibri (IRE) H Palmer
Considered Opinion R M Beckett
Cool Team (IRE) H Palmer
Crimson Rock (USA) R M Beckett
Dance Teacher (IRE) R M Beckett
Denver Spirit (IRE) L M Cumani
Dervish L M Cumani
Diamond Bear (USA) Sir Mark Prescott
Diptych (USA) Sir Mark Prescott
Dr Julius No R M Beckett
Dubaitwentytwenty H Palmer
Earthly (USA) R M Beckett
Elysees Palace Sir Mark Prescott
Escobar (IRE) H Palmer
Fibonacci H Palmer
Fleabiscuit (IRE) H Palmer
Follow Me (IRE) H Palmer
For The Roses R M Beckett
Fox King R M Beckett
Gemina (IRE) R M Beckett
God Given L M Cumani
Gorgeous Noora (IRE) L M Cumani
Goya Girl (IRE) R M Beckett
Great Court (IRE) L M Cumani
Gulliver H Palmer
Harebell (IRE) R M Beckett
Humbert (IRE) H Palmer
Hyper Dream (IRE) H Palmer
Inconceivable (IRE) R M Beckett
Influent (IRE) H Palmer
Inspector (IRE) H Palmer
Isabel De Urbina (IRE) R M Beckett
Khattar H Palmer
Kind of Beauty (IRE) H Palmer
Kitty Boo L M Cumani
Kohinoor Diamond (IRE) Sir Mark Prescott
Koropick (IRE) H Palmer
La Guapita H Palmer
Lagertha (IRE) H Palmer
Manangatang (IRE) L M Cumani
Manchego H Palmer
Medicean Dream (IRE) L M Cumani
Melinoe Sir Mark Prescott
Melodic Motion (IRE) R M Beckett
Mistress Quickly (IRE) R M Beckett
Munawer H Palmer
Munro R M Beckett
Newt Sir Mark Prescott
Nurse Nightingale H Palmer
Omeros H Palmer
Parisian Chic (IRE) L M Cumani
Piaffe (USA) R M Beckett
Piedita (IRE) Sir Mark Prescott
Pincheck (IRE) L M Cumani
Poetic Voice R M Beckett
Polly Glide (IRE) L M Cumani
Really Super R M Beckett
Red Label (IRE) L M Cumani
Rickrack (IRE) L M Cumani
Roseland (USA) H Palmer
Sea Tide H Palmer
Secret Soul R M Beckett
See You After (IRE) Sir Mark Prescott
Send Up (IRE) Sir Mark Prescott
Shozita R M Beckett
Sibilance R M Beckett
Single Estate Sir Mark Prescott
So Sleek L M Cumani
Sound Bar R M Beckett
Spinnaka (IRE) L M Cumani
Spun Gold L M Cumani
Star Of Doha R M Beckett
Star Story R M Beckett
Starshell (IRE) Sir Mark Prescott
Steaming (IRE) R M Beckett
Subatomic R M Beckett
Tamayef (IRE) H Palmer
Turning Gold Sir Mark Prescott
Via Serendipity H Palmer
Vintage Folly H Palmer
Western Duke (IRE) R M Beckett
What A Boy R M Beckett