The topic covered here is probably the most fundamental problem that most gamblers fail to overcome. First of all let me say that you must first be playing a game in which the odds can be larger than the actual probability at certain points in the game. This is the first fundamental flaw amongst gamblers. They prefer simplicity citing complexity as the enemy when in actual fact the opposite is true. The greater the complexity the greater the opportunity, usually. Just ask a punter why he plays the slots in preference to horse racing and he will say that he has a better chance of winning !, what he really means is that he has fewer variables to consider. The other problem that faces gamblers or at least those playing a game which offers opportunity, is that their approach is based around finding winners and not finding value. In horse racing they focus on whats going to win rather than is their a bet in the race. This is not surprising as their first exposure to Racing is via ‘experts’ in the media who operate in exactly the same way. Finally one thing the speaker did not touch upon which I think might be interesting is what value or opinion do successful gamblers have towards money. My guess is that ironically they are less driven by it than people think.