Newcastle AW Pace

It is perhaps a little early to be evaluating the pace angle at the new Newcastle AW track but I thought an update on how things are measuring up might be in order.

So far working to BFSP before commission and using SmarterSig pre race pace figures and I emphaseise pre race here, we have the following figures

Hold up ie Less than 1.4 pace figures for prior race runs 372  wins 31 PL -86pts

Prominent ie pacefig greater than 1.4 and less than 3.2  runs 308 wins 35 wins PL +47.7

Led ie pacefig greater than  3.2 runs 114 wins 9 PL -59.55

Horse with a prominent run in their previous race as opposed to held up or led have done very well next time out at Newcastle so far although the duration and sample sizes are very small.