We are soon to get a new TV presentation team for Racing with one or two familiar faces still in place. There is much debate at the moment with sighs of relief as some are left out whilst groans as others are not included. The truth is that the ITV team is much like the next USA government or indeed our own UK government. The faces change but the underlying driving force and message remains the same. The illusion is that you are getting something new whilst the truth is that you are in for pretty much the same.

So what is the ‘same’ and why do I no longer listen to TV pundits who in reality should come with a wealth warning.

First of all we all know that the punditry will be geared towards protecting the main sponsors namely the bookmakers, this is even more so on a commercial run TV channel. This is not all bad if you learn to recognise how this anti punter stance can work to your advantage. TV pundits provide one huge disservice to losing punters and paradoxically a positive service to winning or potentially winning punters. They pretty much all to a man or woman approach a race from the point of view of finding the winner. Sure every now and then they mention that so and so is too short for a bet but but this is hardly value betting.  Anyone who has managed to move from being a losing punter to a winning one over the years will without doubt have first suffered from the whats going to win mentality inflicted on them by the media. Once you have twigged that those on the screen either do not know how successful punting works or prefer the short term safety of finding a few winners over trusting that the watching public might stick with them with more riskier long term selection methods that actually yield a long term profit. But don’t lets moan about this, the fact that your presenters are incompetent is a bonus. It keeps the majority of punters in the dark which is where they need to be if you are to keep winning.

That last sentence might sound a little harsh but the reality is that most punters have to lose in order for some punters to win. The truth is that they dont have to lose as much or as rapidly as they do. If every losing punter switched to the exchanges they would immediately as a group lose less without impacting on winning punters in a negative fashion, in fact quite the opposite.

So in conclusion do not complain about the dumbing down or the lack of smart punting advice without it your life would be a lot harder unless of course you really are listening to them.