Today saw the first son of Frankel make his debut in the UK and this also coincided with my finishing the sequel to that excellent book Watching Racehorses by Geoffrey Hutson, the obviously named Watching more Racehorses.

I loved the first copy which attempted to numerically represent those soft subjective observations we get thrown at us every weekend by so called paddock watchers. The new book is not as good simply because it is padded out somewhat with observations on areas outside the paddock. Nevertheless it still adds more data to some of those familiar and unfamiliar areas of paddock watching. For example in the first issue sweating is not cited as a negative but in the second issue he puts more meat on this observation by stating that when the temperature is above 21c sweating is not a negative. Another interesting observation is that coltishness is also not a negative.  So what is a negative, well if you want a negative you can get your teeth into sample size wise then consider cross nose bands.

How does this all relate to Cunco the son of Frankel who has just bolted in. Well he drifted like a barge after becoming coltish in the parade ring. Only he and Mr Hutson seemed to know.