If you have ever had an account closed or restricted, and I guess that’s just about everyone, (If you have not then you are doing something terribly wrong with your betting) then please do the HBF survey into the problem and maybe just maybe we can get something done. Please tweet, blog, wear a T shirt and anything it takes to get the word around

Account Restriction/Closure Survey

Which would be more lucrative to Racing and even to Bookmakers

1. Restrict and close all punters that beat prices and show any inkling of a brain and hence see the betting turnover shrink as existing punters turn away and new punters do not arrive. Kind of like a greater ROI but lower turnover for racing and bookies.

2. Allow an Aussie type system where winners allowed to certain individual bet liabilities. Winners now feel free to be more visible which in turn encourages new players into the sport who of course in the majority will lose. Net result lower ROI but much greater turnover = greater profit than option 1

In many ways the above scenario is rather like betting on Exchanges V betting with bookmakers. With Bookmakers you can make a greater ROI but you cannot get much on if anything at all. When you switch to bet on the Exchanges you have to learn that ROI will shrink so turnover must be vastly increased.