Hoping to run a series of sessions introducing Machine Learning for horse racing betting via Pythons Scikit Learn. I will be assuming that you have some rudimentary programming knowledge although that may not be in Python. In other words you have some understanding of what a loop is, what a variable is and what an array is even if not in Python.

What do we mean by Machine Learning ?. Essentially getting our computer to build a model of past racing data so that we can use this model to effectively predict the outcome of future race data.

If you are interested in participating then you will first of all need a version of Python installed along with the libraries we are going to use. Even if you have a version of Python you can still install as I have done, the version I am about to recommend, into a folder of its own and run it from there even if it is not your default Python. I am going to suggest Anaconda because it comes with all the extra we will need such as Ipython Notebook, so there is no need to fiddle around with separate installs.

Downloading the Anaconda Free version of Python is quite painless and has everything we are going to need included in the download.

I have the 3.5 version for 64 bit Windows on my PC, you can choose the appropriate version (32 bit or 64 bit) to download at


If you are not sure if your PC is 64 bit or 32 bit check the following


Check python is loaded OK by opening an MSDOS command window and navigating to your Anaconda folder using the cd command.

Once in the folder type in Python -V

It should display your version number.

If you are interested in this series and have installed Anaconda OK let me know with a brief comment below so I can gauge interest.

UPDATE – Hope to start things on February 1st when hopefully all will be ready. Note I have modified the above and I am now running Python 3.5. If you have 2.7 it might be best to uninstall using the uninstall.exe file and then install 3.5 from the Anaconda website.

When you have done this create, inside your anaconda folder, a new folder called horseracing. You can call it something else if you wish as long as you know that when I refer to the horseracing folder I mean your equivalent.

I will start the ball rolling with a new blog post called Profitable Punting with Python 1

Each blog entry will introduce the next session briefly and where to pick up things from and the comments section at the foot of each blog will act as a discussion board and troubleshooting.