Moaners on Betfair are not always worth listening to but the complaints about late hood removals from the stalls did coincide with my general feeling that this phenomena seemed to be on the increase. I decided to find out if there was anything in this after Graham Gibbons fell foul of this today.

Here is the breakdown by year for late hood removal

As a percentage of total flat runners for the year

2009   0.036%
2010    0.039
2011     0.04
2012     0.042
2013     0.085
2014     0.064

2015     0.071

There does seem to be an alarming spike from 2013 onwards where jockeys seem to have developed a greater capacity for leaving the hood on after the stalls open.

I will spare the blushes of jockeys here by leaving out the breakdown by jockey.Should we be concerned ?. Well even if there is no justification to a conspiracy theory we should still be concerned about anything that sows a seed of doubt into the mind of the public. Solving this problem would not seem to be difficult. I am not quite sure why the starter cannot open after he notes all blinds off.

The worst offenders by trainer given at least 500 runners are

N Bycroft 0.76%

Peter Grayson 0.75%

L Carter 0.61%

P Howling 0.49%

J R Gask 0.36%

J S Goldie 0.28%

A further worrying finding :
How would you expect the distribution of late hood withdrawels to be with regard to race distance if you are a conspiracy theorist ?.

Well here are the % of total events by distance

5    27.06422018
6    24.7706422
7    17.43119266
8    10.09174312
9    2.752293578
10    7.339449541
11    0.917431193
12    6.422018349
13    0.917431193
14    0.917431193
16    1.376146789

The spread of percentages over distance by total races at the distance has similar rising pattern as the distance get smaller down to 5f

By the way if you were wondering there seems little point to backing these horses next time out. On Betfair you would have had 200 bets to a profit of -9pts to Betfair SP