Been a while since my last post but I thought it would be timely as we end the flat season to summarise the Speed figure par ratings from the web site as we end the flat season. The ratings began on May the 4th and have been published daily, take a look back at the earlier post regarding their launch.

First of all using the last speed figures for each horse as the master rating produced the following results after commission of 2% to Betfair SP

2747 bets PL -49.9 pts

No joy there it would seem although using the last figure only was a better ploy than taking readings from the last 6 runs for each horse illustrated by the fact that when the top rated from the last figure disagree with the top rated from the last 6 ratings we get some improvement.

1879 bets PL + 4 pts

However it is not all gloom as shown by the performance when backing all horses that had a last figure that was above par for the forth coming race. This approach produced the following results.

Bets 3134 PL + 154.66528 after comm Vstakes 731.764533514 VPL + 17.77

The Archie score however at this stage suggests that a proceed with caution would be the sensible way forward, certainly worth keeping an eye on.

On a separate topic I have been creating some wonderful results utilising pace figures and the kth nearest neighbor machine learning algorithm under Sklearn running within Python. If enough people are interested in a set of tutorials on utilising machine learning within Python then I may run a series on this.