Answer the following question before moving on to the rest of this blog entry

A bat and ball cost £1.10p the bat costs one pound more than the ball. How much does the ball cost ?

This simple test could be a reliable indicator of your potential to become a profitable punter.

Psychologists have identified that we have two systems operating. System 1 and System 2. No these are not betting systems these are neurological systems which we all have. The problem is some people have dominant system 1’s whilst others have at least equally functional system 2’s. Whats the difference you are probably asking and how could this relate to betting ?.

System 1 is the intuitive perhaps impulsive system. It is your system 1 that immediately suggests that the answer to the above is 10p. Your system 2 is your rational system. The part of you that says hang on a minute let’s look at this more closely and check if we are making sense of the problem. If you plumped for 10p as the answer not only did you allow system 1 to dominate but you did not even allow system 2 to do a check on your answer which would of course have identified that something was wrong with your reasoning or lack of it. System 1 type people tend to be lazy about allowing their system 2 to run, after all system 2 takes effort and patience.

How does this relate to betting ?. Successful punting almost certainly requires loads of system 2 thinking. In fact your system 1 could be considered a complete handicap. Luckily for you most people are system 1 type punters and consequently, as the opposition, they offer you plenty of opportunity to become a winning punter.

So when you are next asked do systems work you can safely reply ‘without a doubt provided you are in possession of a strong system 2’ and if you are a system 1 dominant thinker then do not worry, a career on the Morning Line or ATR beckons.