Back at the beginning of the current NH season I posted up a suggestion for a group betting exercise. I remain convinced that such a division of labour could yield benefits to all concerned and my own experience has shown that the specialisation that go’s with it can be of help even on an individual basis.
With little interest in the original idea I decided to go alone from mid November, specialising in 2m hurdlers. My modus operandi required around 20 minutes of video reviewing of the previous days races at this distance over hurdles along with notebooking appropriate horses. I kind of expected the lays to perform more profitably than the bets as in both cases I was focusing on horses that ran well in their races. One could say that it was laying method I was utilising but I hoped that the bets would, if making a loss, lose significantly less than the lays and this proved to be the case.
There have been 99 lays to date producing after commission to BFSP a profit of 38.11 pts from an average price of 9.95. The ARCHIE score for this set of lays is 24.37. The variable profit was 10.18, in other words if you layed them to lose a 1 pt you would have made 10.18 pts
The bets numbered 57 with a loss of 0.84 pts from an average price of 7.37
The above results are very encouraging from both a profit point of view and in terms of what one can do via specialisation rather than throwing a blanket over all racing.
The final lay go’s tomorrow and will bring the number of lays up to 100, details below
3.05 Towc Right Step