A few weeks ago I proposed a group betting project in preparation for the NH season. Despite my suspicion that this approach could have legs the response was underwhelming. I think only one person expressed an interest in getting involved. I can only assume that everyone out there is making so much money from their betting that they wish to protect any advantage they have or maybe they simply feel that the idea is plain daft and has no worth. Regardless of this I decided to go ahead alone to see if there is any worth to it. First of all I have to say that with only one participant it does not really give the original idea a full run out. The success or failure of my effort will rest solely on my slant on may own small subset of NH racing rather than any pooled ideas. You could therefore say that it bares no resemblance to the original idea. Nevertheless I decided to give it a run with my specialized area being 2m hurdle races, both Handicap and non handicap. I wont’ at this stage discuss what my approach is but I have been video watching most races at this distance and notebooking as either a lay or a back for next time out. So far the scores on the doors to level stakes after BF commission to BFSP is as follows

Lays = 92 PL = + 33.17 average price 9.6 Archie score 20.7

Bets = 50 PL = +1.32 average price = 6.9

Hopefully I can keep this going to get a reasonable picture of the approach. It only takes about 15 minutes of my time each day to assess the previous days racing although a decent notebook service would help. Really, I get the impression that this part of many sites is handed down to the office caretaker for design. As usual views on this topic are welcome.