You can probably look back at your past betting and see great bets in your betting history. Selections which at the time just knocked you over as being over priced. These type of bets often arrived due to your deep seated understanding of a horse or perhaps a type of race. The problem is that generating enough of these bets to earn a decent return or perhaps even a living, would require a substantial investment of time. Something that may not be at your disposal if you have work and or have family commitments.
What if we could adopt a division of labour type solution to the problem. If we divide up racing and allocate each section to an individual, setting them the task of only having to watch replays and make notes/horse alerts on one specific area, then its quite possible the workload would be manageable but more importantly they would grow to understand in detail the horses involved in that area and perhaps the tracks if we have split on race distances.
My proposal would be to split NH racing into

2m to 2m 4f Hcp chases
2m 5f to 3m 2f Hcps chasers
2m to 2m 4f Hcp Hurdles
2m 5f to 3m 2f Hcp hurdles

Contributors would be allocated one area and instructed to watch all race replays each day for their area and make notes for possible future bets. Value selections would be made by members as and when they occurred to them at morning bookmaker prices via a web page which would auto email all participating members. The whole process could be kept anonymous so as to avoid early performance pressure. Bets could be suggested by individuals outside of their range if they occur eg a 2m 4f chaser earmarked by someone runs next at 2m 6f. Ante post bets could also be allowed.
My bet is such an arrangement by 4 or more people would stand a very good chance of being profitable. Certainly more so than if they worked alone and were previously unprofitable. It would be useful to have scribe, that is to say someone who would like to log all bets and deduct any R4’s.
If you would like to participate in such an experiment for the NH 2014/15 season then leave a comment