In this session we will access horse names and horse Id’s for the races we accessed in the previous session.

Getting hold of these two pieces of extra data, along with a host of other horse specific data, is quite simple. We simply need to add an extra parameter to our call to listMarketCatalogue within the getEvents subroutine in the myAPILib file.

Step 1 In the IDLE go to the myAPILIb file and locate the line of code within the getEvents subroutine that begins with

market_catalogue_req = ‘{“jsonrpc”: “2.0”, “method”: etc etc etc etc

Step 2 Edit the line manually (ie dont copy and paste) adding ,”RUNNER_DESCRIPTION” so that it now reads

market_catalogue_req = ‘{“jsonrpc”: “2.0”, “method”: “SportsAPING/v1.0/listMarketCatalogue”, “params”: {“filter”:{“eventTypeIds”:[‘+eventId+’],”marketCountries”:[“GB”],”marketTypeCodes”:[“WIN”], “marketStartTime”:{“from”:”‘ + now + ‘”,”to”:”‘ + to + ‘”}},”sort”:”FIRST_TO_START”,”maxResults”:”100″,”marketProjection”:[“MARKET_START_TIME”,”RUNNER_DESCRIPTION”]}, “id”: 1}’

Step 3 We now need to access within the testlib program the runner data that is going to be passed back. The updated code needed can be found at testlib.txt

Don’t forget to add your username, password and app key values if using this code as is. Alternatively you can just copy and paste the final section of the code from the getEvents call onwards, into your testlib file, replacing the code already there.

The output provided should be of the form

Baltic Brave 7767233

Flashy Queen 7552880

Iseemist 7185307

Miss Brazil 7645993

Bowsers Bold 7362173

Seven Lucky Seven 7361654

Black Vale 7430139

One Boy 7200987

Orient Class 7652539

Noble Asset 7422371

Camanche Grey 7642225

Danfazi 7200986

Tinsill 7407448

Distant Past 7943530

Under Approval 7320027

Well done you now have access to both market id’s and horse id’s and names.