In this session we will download OpenSSL in preparation for creating a secure connection between our Python programs and Betfair

Step 1 In your web browser goto

Click on the products tab on the web site

Click the win32 openSSL link

Step 2 Scroll down and choose the appropriate file for your PC. My PC is a 64 bit so I chose Win64 OpenSSL V1.0.1g

Step 3 When the file has downloaded double click the downloaded .exe file in the bottom left of your browser

Step 4 Answer Yes to ‘do you want to allow this program to modify your computer’

Step 5 At this stage it may say that you do not have Visual C++ 2008 redistributable installed.

If this happens go to

Download and run the above using the default settings before answering the prompt from the OPenSSL install

Step 6 When the install of OPenSSL has finished unclick the donate button if you do not wish to donate and then click finish

Step 7 Check in your c: folder that you have a folder called openSSL-Win64

Well done you have installed openSSL. In the next session we will move onto using it.