We now need to turn our attention away from Python for a while and set up some of the communication data needed by the Betfair API. First thing we need to do is create an API APP KEY

Step 1 Open up your browser and login to your Betfair account

Step 2 Open up a new tab in your browser and navigate to the Betfair API-NG visualiser at


Step 3 Check that the box towards the top of the screen labelled Session Token has an entry in it. If for some reason it does not, you will find instructions on how to find your current logged in session token here


Assuming it is already filled in for you we can proceed to the next step

Step 4 Look to the left of the visualiser and check that ‘create developerAppKeys’ option is selected and highlighted

Step 5 In the next column type in an application name of your choice eg FredsAPI or whatever you prefer

Step 6 Now click on the execute button at the bottom of the page

Step 7 Check the main right hand column. NOTE the number displayed IS NOT your APP KEY. Click on the + sign to the left of it to reveal two APP KEYS

Step 8 Make a note of the application key (in the application key column) that is NOT the DELAYED one. If the app key shown ends in ‘…’ then expand the column to show all the key

Step 9 If you forget the key you can always come back and check it using the GetDeveloperAppKeys option on the left hand list

Well done you have now created your APP KEY and associated it with your Betfair account. This APP KEY will be communicated to Betfair using Python on all API service calls

Footnote – Betfair have now implemented a £299 fee to ‘activate’ the APP key after you have completed the above. To do this just google ‘Betfair activate API App key’